Moved to Oregon!

Hello everyone... I'd like to wish everyone a little belated Happy New Years. I hope it was safe, and a joyous time for all of you.

As a pretty major update, I have moved to Redmond, Oregon from my hometown of San Diego for the past 34 years, and for the 2 weeks I have been here, it is a place a beauty.

I just got home from a quick outing to Bend and grabbed a few photos to share. There will be plenty more photos, and Aerial photos of Central Oregon to come, so please be sure to follow me, and should you know someone in Central Oregon looking for any Photo or Video services, please send them my way.

Quick quick of a train cruising over the Oregon Trunk Rail Bridge over the Crooked River in Central Oregon.

Spent the afternoon at the Lava Island Falls in Central Oregon. Found some amazing spots, and from a birds eye view, there is a lot to see.

Took a day trip to Sahalie falls along the McKenzie Hwy to film and photograph the awesome country side. Got some door drone time in as well. Aerial footage by Gary Eidsmoe Additional footage by Daniel Robbins