Gary has experience filming all types of events-- from the most formal of weddings, to the dirtiest of muddy marathons-- He does it all.  When Gary is behind the camera, he is fearless, making sure to get the perfect shot so he is able to bring the full event experience to his viewers.  


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Gary has a soft spot for couples in love, and it's quite evident when you look at his portrait photography.  Specializing in engagement and wedding photos, Gary is talented at bringing out the personalities of the people he photographs.  


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Since moving to central Oregon, Gary has started filming and photographing luxury homes and land in the area.  Armed with his drone, he is able to get stunning photos of an entire property, even when several buildings are involved.  Listings are immediately elevated to a new level once professional photos and video are made available-- Real Estate Agents know that photos can make all the difference when selling a home.

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Gary's passion has led him from photography, to videography, and now to aerial videography.  Even though he loves to fly his drones, he hasn't lost any love for his other mediums.  He is always up for a project or a new experience, so if you have the makings of an idea, contact him!  He'd be glad to work with you!